Birth of a new blog

9 March 2006

Years (yes, literally years) ago I created a blog for myself in a fit of enthusiasm. It was hosted on a machine called cybernetics, which was run by a friend of mine (Jaco) and located within the network of the Western Cape Schools Network – i.e. dependant on several chains of friendship that had built up over the years. Since then, Jaco moved to the UK, my connection to the WCSN has become rather more tenuous than it was then…. and anyway, I’m an awful writer. Its not that I can’t write well – its just that writing is not natural for me, and anyway, I’ve got the attention span of a flea when it comes to ‘projects’ like this.Over the years I’ve acquired a ‘secret’ blog on Livejournal which is somehow linked to my ‘online’ identity. I’m a secretive sort in some ways – I get rather freaked out and embarassed at how much you can discover about me with a Google search, so when I introduce myself online I tend to use pseudonyms, etc. Its all a bit silly sometimes, but hey…Anyway, eventually cybernetics was switched off due to a server room reorganisation, and after a while, I got David at WCSN to put my pieces of cybernetics online elsewhere… the main thing I was looking for was my daughter’s website and gallery which is about the only thing online I update on a semi-regular basis. I’ve now re-hosted all that content on ‘leftside’, the FreeBSD server that acts as my mailserver, firewall and all-round fiddling-with machine. I had a look at the traffic coming into that machine, and noticed that one of the most-requested URLs was the one for this blog. Hmm. Wow. So… in the interest of search engine optimisation, I decided I better fix the blog up again. This involved moving from MovableType to WordPress simply because WordPress is open source (and thus damn easy to install from FreeBSD’s ports collection) while MovableType, er, isn’t.So here it is! Peter’s Pontification Platform, reborn! I might even blog in it once in a blue moon.

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