my new banner

10 March 2006

Ok, so its Friday night, I’ve been sick the whole week. I thought I was getting better today, so I went to work, but meanwhile Rebecca got sick last night with vomiting and stuff, so…. work was really stressful, don’t have a proper work environment set up yet, RSI‘s playing up, the tracker queue is a mile long, etc etc.And tomorrow is the women’s empowerment workshop I’ve helped organise in Vrygrond, which is a source of considerable stress since people have this annoying habit of saying they’re coming to a workshop and then not pitching up….So… its Friday night. I’m not going anywhere, because of all these worries, to which a lack of money is added. So, what to do? Besides covert La Haine into a VCD, I decided, while chatting to my online friend Shan that I should exercise my Photoshop skills a bit. So that’s where the new banner comes from.Some of the source artwork is Zapatista murals from Oventic, courtesy of UK Indymedia. I guess they express the vision of the world I currently relate to, with that slogan “por la humanidad” (for humanity – against neo-liberalism)… and moving to the right hand side of the banner its mostly South African stuff. A mural from the Community Arts Project in Cape Town, an 80s May Day poster, part of an artwork by Norman Catherine and the postcard about Jenny Curtis Schoon that Sue Williamson did. The South African art is part of my memory from ‘Resistance Art in South Africa’, the book I bought (to my parents’ horror) with the book vouchers I won in matric (1990). Yeah, I guess the right-hand side of the banner is where I came from in a sense…

And I picked the photo of Jenny Curtis Schoon because she and her daughter were blown up by a parcel bomb sent by the South African government in 1984. Marius Schoon, Jenny’s widower, was one of those who fought long and hard against the ‘amnesty’ deal of the post-Apartheid Truth and Reconciliation, which traded confessions for amnesty from prosecution (as it is, almost none of the Apartheid state’s murderers have been prosecuted anyway) and in the process let Jenny’s murderer off the hook. I guess being a father these days makes me relate so much more to this story of a family whose relationship of love and hope was so literally blown apart. Aluta continua….

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