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27 April 2006

I’ve been wasting far too much time recently playing Mount and Blade, a shareware game oriented around medieval combat. Well, combat as well as travelling around the world, trading, a few quests, etc. Its as-yet unfinished and apparently created by a mere two people in Turkey, but my hours wasted are testimony to how playable it is.
One of the main attractions is that the interface works very cleanly. Combat, which involves everything from bows and arrows to lances (on horseback) to swords to crossbows, is a fun combination of simple (essentially gesture based) commands and complex possibilities (especially since most combat takes place out in the open, with lots of room to manuevre).
The game is lacking in storyline, and multi-player (which doesn’t exist) would be helluva fun, but I (and many many other people on the Internet) can’t wait for future developments. Until then I’ll keep playing the beta I’ve got.

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