A new title?

5 May 2006

Ok, so apparently the title of this blog (the pontificating platform bit) is stupid. So what should it be?

In other news, I just discovered that when I archived my copy of “Voices of a Distant Star” to CD, I somehow saved the wrong version – a version with only French subtitles. Now I’m kinda sad because I wanted to give a copy to a friend (well, swap actually, for a copy of “Dollars and White Pipes”, which I keep seeing only half of (long story there)). Anyway, Voices is one of the few anime films I’ve seen that I really loved (ok, I haven’t seen a lot of anime, but some, like “Metropolis”, just seems a bit forced to me). Oh, another good one was “Spirited Away”. Quite chilling, that one.

In case anyone’s wondering about the high link content of this blog posting, I’m writing this with a newly discovered Firefox extension, Performancing (now, how post-modern is that name? hehe…). Performancing opens a blogging window in the bottom half of your browser window, allowing you to easily copy and paste content from browser to blog. You can even drag and drop images. Very intuitive – that is, once I figured out which button to click to launch it. (Its the PFF SB ICONone). So now my browser is a bit of a kitchen sink – I’ve got FoxyTunes to control my music player, ScrapBook to save web pages (helluva useful for research) and more and more and more. 😉

Anyway, enough for now. Been having a fascinated extended conversation with Rebecca (and obliquely, Ahmed) about power and community (or the lack thereof) and how for transformation to happen in our country / society it is vital that women’s struggles over their very private (but ubiquitous) oppression succeed. And how if JZ wins his rape case (which I suspect he will – we’ll see on Monday), he will set this task backwards as every man will imagine themselves a little-JZ, i.e. a version of this grandstanding arrogant prick, albeit it on a smaller scale. Oh, and I was listening to New Model Army (“All of This”) but now its Fairlight Children.

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