That’s why

20 August 2009

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My mother she got so sick
She went to the clinic
The queue –
It was a mile long
That’s why we need NHI

My father hit his head
He was nearly dead
They said you must pay
If you want help today

That’s why we need the NHI
That’s why we need the NHI

My sister she is a nurse
She loved her job at first
But nurses are so few
It makes her job hard to do

My son he couldn’t breathe
The hospital
Lacked the drugs he needs

That’s why we need the NHI
That’s why we need the NHI


Update on Ogoniland

8 June 2007

Pastor Barry Barinaadaa Wuganaale is the project coordinator of Ogoni Solidarity Forum, an organization floated through Ogoni exiles in Africa that are fighting to carry on the mantle and original vision of the late Ken Saro Wiwa..

Apart from having background in marketing, Barry Wuganaale is a trained pastor with specialization in discipleship. From 1999, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees stopped considering Ogonis as persecuted activists in the tiny country that depends largely on Nigeria for its economic leverage; Pastor Barry became instrumental to the formation of campaign front that had been fighting to put pressure on the UNHCR.

His background as a pastor helped in the coordination of an exiled community of Ogonis in Ouidah, the ancient capital of the country. He formed a non-denominational refugee prayer fellowship that still runs in the makeshift refugee camp in Benin Republic and the fellowship had created positive impact upon the exiled Ogoni community. He has been arrested and tried for exposing the corruption at UNHCR severally; following threats to his life, the Ogoni community in Ouidah mandated him to relocate to South Africa, where he is currently cultivating an international campaign platform for the refugees in Benin and the Ogoni struggle broadly.

Pastor Barry has spoken on the Ogoni issue at forums in and out of South Africa. As the Project Coordinator of the Ogoni Solidarity Forum, he works fulltime on voluntary basis and says he is not worried about getting another job because Ogoni struggle is life long vocation. As part of his devotion to the cause of liberation for the Ogoniland he also decided to donate all his written works to the cause. On the 28th of July, three of his books would be launched in Cape Town.

Despite Pastor Barry’s busy schedule (he will participate in the forcoming International Book Fair in Cape Town and launch his books in July), Peter van Heusden of Cape Town Indymedia recently caught up with him to speak about the Ogoni struggle, against the background of the Mathew Kukah’s recent visit to Cape Town and General Olusegun Obasanjo handing over of the presidency in Nigeria (on the 29th May).

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Just a quick note: I came across this blog – Team Colors. The call themselves a “collective engaged in ‘militant research’ to provide ‘strategic analysis for the intervention in everyday life'”, and the content isn’t that interesting in and of itself – it seems to be mostly adverts for events in New York. The thing that’s interesting about it is what’s in the left sidebar – a collection of links to almost anyone who is everyone in the ‘autonomist’ oriented ‘militant research’, worldwide. A few notable exceptions are kolinko and RED. And if you’re going to link to ‘A Grammar of the Multitude’, why not link to the online text? Anyway, its good to have a site that plays a similar role to that which the John Gray and the libcom library play for other spaces.

Sitemaps and things

5 August 2006

So I’ve now installed this Google sitemap generator plugin. Yet one more piece of technology on my already-overloaded server, ‘leftside’. I’ve probably got more stuff on there than you find on many corporate servers – layers of spam filters, mysql databases, stats generation of all kinds – like this web stats page which shows that, beside myself, the only visitor to my web pages is the googlebot. So why am I even writing this, hey?

Hello world!

9 March 2006

I only made this blog to point to my daughter’s website. Btw. her nickname is Sqoo!